About The Artist

 When I was 16 I started working at a store called {The Bead Mine} located in my home town of Sewickley, just north of Pittsburgh, Pa.
 After school I would take the bus into town, get dropped off and then head to work. It was there that I learned that I had a passion for jewelry design. It was the coolest shop. The employees that worked there designed pieces to be sold in the shop. Customers would come in and buy our handmade pieces but they also had to opportunity to make and design their own jewels. We would then help them finish their designs and they would be on their way. I loved that job. Thinking about it now I'm so lucky to have been a teenager and find my purpose in life.

 After being a 'bead girl' for so many years, I decided to take Metal Smith classes locally at Sweetwater Center for the Arts for 2 years before building a studio in my home. At Sweetwater, I had the privilege to be taught by a master silversmith, Pat Falbo. It was my honor. 

 Now its been 15 years that I started this journey and I plan on spending another 15 years {and more} creating, designing, hand crafting jewelry for anyone who would want to wear my pieces. I am so truly blessed to be on this journey. For any of you aspiring jewelry artists out there, my advice to you is:
Never, ever give up doing what you love to do.
Keep fighting for it.
Each day stay positive and find ways to give away.
When things get tough and your not sure if you should keep going, remind yourself why you started in the first place.
Be patient & trust your journey.

Thank you all for your ever growing support, kind words & love. I am forever grateful.
Much Love & Light,

 Fleeting Glimpse Photography